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Terms & Conditions - Cupcake Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card


The use of the Bisou Bake Shop Cupcake Loyalty Card implies that you accept the Terms & Conditions of use which are outlined below:

  1. Bisou Bake Shop Cupcake Loyalty Card is valid for 6 months from the date of issue
  2. One (1) stamp (with a date of purchase) will be issued for every purchase of a box of six (6) cupcakes
  3. Customers must produce a valid Bisou Bake Shop Cupcake Loyalty card at the time of purchase to claim dated stamps. Dated stamps cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  4. One (1) free box of six (6) cupcakes is redeemable at any of our physical Bisou Bake Shop stores once the customer has collected eight (8) dated Bisou Bake Shop stamps
  5. Once the required number of stamps eight (8) have been collected, the customer must surrender their Bisou Bake Shop Cupcake Loyalty card to one of our service team in-store to claim their free box of six (6) cupcakes
  6. Customers may not exchange their dated stamps or free cupcakes or cash
  7. The one (1) Free box of six (6) cupcakes may not be exchanged for other Bisou Bake Shop products
  8. Bisou Bake Shop does not accept liability for any lost, stolen or damaged cards.
  9. The loyalty card is issued by and remains the property of Bisou Bake Shop which reserves the right to withdraw the card at anytime
  10. Bisou Bake Shop reserves the right and has sole discretion to alter or amend any terms and conditions relating to this loyalty scheme at any time without notice.

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