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Events - Tea and Talk sessions

A charming story I read about a woman who could not afford a complete set of tea cups. She would gift each of her friends a unique tea cup, so when the ladies would get together for tea, they would each bring their own teacup.  I loved this idea so much. 

I have met so many women in business who are doing amazing things while also being mums, wives, sisters and daughters.  Women who are so passionate about what they do that they endure long hours and such sacrifices to bring their ideas and dreams to life.  I so wanted to highlight these women, so what better way than to have them share their stories and experiences while sipping tea from our very own teacups.

Speaking to Nurul from Yaty Gallery about this being a way to launch her beautiful vintage teacups, we realised that we would need to do not just one or two of these sit-downs, but perhaps it would become "a thing"

And so here we are .........

A series of monthly "tea and talk" sessions for women entrepreneurs who would like to meet other like-minded dynamic women.

A carefully chosen list of presenters who we feel are doing amazing things their way.  We hope that this series of informal sessions inspire, support and bring together women entrepreneurs of all ages. 

Bring your open heart and supportive self to tea with some of the most inspiring women who have agreed to share their personal journeys. Let us celebrate them!

Please note:

We will be selling tickets only to ensure that those who sign up, show up.  As this is a non-profit-driven inititative, we will be donating the full ticket price to charity, Global Sheperds, a women's shelter.