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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why do you NOT give plastic cake cutting knives
 We are trying to do our bit for the environment.  We are trying to reduce the plastic wastage.  The chances are you will probably be eating the cake at a restaurant or in your home where you should be able to access a knife to cut your cake.  If you are planning to have the cake in an outdoor setting eg the park or the beach, we do provide wooden knives to cut your cake with. 
This is also the reason why you will find ourt bags are biodegradable and our boxes are plastic free.
We feel that all of us should play a part in managing plastic waste.
  • Can I change the design and colour of the cake?

We do not do custom design cakes, the reason for this is our production kitchen is limited in space and manpower. Any small change in design (no matter how small) would mean a disruption to our work process and space. We do hope you understand that we want to bring you the freshest and best tasting cakes that we can bake.

  • What size cakes do you sell?

We have 6”, 8” 10” and 2 tier (top measures 6” and bottom 8”). Our naked cakes are square while the rest of our cakes are
6 inch we recommend for 6-8 persons
8 inch we recommend for 10-15 persons
10 inch we recommend 25-30 persons
2 tier we recommend for 16- 23 persons

  • How long in advance do I need to place my order?

The earlier the better. To order our cupcakes and naked cakes at least 3 days. All other bakes 5 days please.

  • And why do I need to order so far ahead to get the writing on it?

We bake our cakes fresh every day (we do not batch bake and freeze) and we bake from scratch (we do not use any premix cake mixes). This means we need to plan our kitchen teams schedule carefully when baking and decorating cakes. We are a small business and manage a small team. Please understand that we have many cakes to bake and only a set number of hands to do the job, so being well organized is key, giving us enough time to prepare your cakes helps us maintain the quality of your cakes and the smooth running of the kitchen.

  • Why can’t you guys write on the cake in the shop?

Writing on a cake takes skill, and while our service team are wonderful at serving customers, they are not trained to work in the kitchen. They do not have the skills required, we have tried doing this, but it was was a bit of a disaster in terms of the
final outcome.

  • Is Bisou Bake Shop Halal Certified?

While we are not halal certified, we only use halal certified ingredients in our bakes. We use no alcohol and our gelling agents are halal certified. We are a small business and at present halal certification requires money and man power hours that we cannot spare at present. We not only have muslim customers, but also muslim team members and we respect them and their
religion. We hope you understand.

  • Why are your cakes not sold by weight?

Depending on ingredients, some cakes will be heavier than others. We believe cake dimensions give customers a better
indication on the size of the cake.

  • Why are your cakes more expensive?

Our cakes are made from scratch with real ingredients. There are no pre-mixes used in our cakes and we use butter for our butter frosting. Our cakes are all made by hand and decorated individually by hand.

  • Do I need to put my cake in the fridge?

Cool room temperature is best. But if you do put it in the fridge, remember to take it out about 30-45 minutes before eating it. Butter cakes, just like butter, become hard when chilled.

  • How long can I keep my cakes?

Our cakes have no preservatives added, so you may keep you cakes a maximum of 2 days and not more.

  • Are your cakes suitable for those with Food Allergies?

While we have gluten free treats, these are made in the same kitchen as all our other bakes. We cannot guarantee there will be no “traces”: of gluten (Or nuts) in the products. If you have food allergy that is eg you are coeliac or have a nut allergy we recommend that you do not consume our bakes. If you have such allergies its best to get your treats from perhaps Marks & Spencers where you know the goods are made in nut free or wheat free environments.

  • Do you deliver?

We have a delivery service to the Klang Valley. You can place your orders at our online store at Alternatively we work with food delivery company GrabMart.

  • Can you reduce the sugar in your recipes?

Our recipes take time to perfect, so we cannot change our recipes for you. We are constantly researching and tweaking recipes to find different alternatives to suit our customers wants and needs.

Our Vegan cake has much less sugar than our usual cake, and our Carrot cake is definitely a healthier option, we use brown sugar (not white) and carrots and sultanas to sweeten the cake.

  • I am vegan. Do you have any cakes for me?

We have a vegan chocolate cake that is made with less sugar, no eggs and no dairy (we use soya based products).

  • Why is the naked carrot cake so much more expensive than the other naked cakes?

The prices of ingredients in the carrot cake are much higher than that of the plain cakes. Ingredients for carrot cake includes walnuts, sultanas, carrots and spices and brown sugar. All of these ingredients are absent in the red velvet and rainbow cakes.

  • Why is the lemon crunch cake so expensive?

One of the main ingredients that makes this cake so expensive to make is lemons. We use fresh lemons (not flavouring) to make this cake and the price of lemon is higher than it used to be. There are lemons not only in the cake, but also in the
lemon curd and the lemon syrup that is drizzled on to all the layers of the cake.