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How long can the baked goods be kept?
The baked goods can keep refrigerated for 5 days and 3 days at room temperature. We recommend all our customers to consume to the baked goods within 3 days.

Do your products contain gluten?
Yes, almost all of our cakes are baked with wheat.  For gluten-free or wheat-free baked goods, please check out our Gluten Free Collection.

What is the order process?
You can now place your orders at  We have kept it simple so you can place your orders quickly and with little fuss.  For larger orders of RM300 and above please email us and we will get in touch with you.

What is the lead time for delivery?
For our baked goods it will take 2 days from placement of order.

What are the sizes of each item?
Sizes are stated for each item and are approximate to +/- 0.5cm.